THC 19%

California Patients Club takes pride in providing our customers with the highest-quality products.  We keep our customers up to date with our most popular products to continuously better their experience and possibly even interest them into trying something new! The world of cannabis is endless, and the more exposure to products, the more likely the user is to find what they love. Our Berries n Cream indica flower is one of our best selling items all around the San Francisco Bay Area, especially in Dublin, San Leandro, and more.  This cross between Purple Punch and Blackberry Kush is California Patients Club’s most popular product among our San Jose customers. Hence Berries n Cream. The indica strain brings total relaxation and a killer body high that is a great experience. The strain is great for night-time use, and offers a sweet smell and taste, perfect for finishing off your day.

Berries n Cream provides strong effects, offering a relaxed yet euphoric feeling.  The strain has been known to hit behind the eyes prior to reaching the entire body, making it perfect for mental clarity and relaxation.  Since it is an indica strain, Berries n Cream will also enable sleepiness which is why it’s best to use after sundown.

This sweet, thick-feeling flower produces a heavy high with delicious smoke, great for before bed.  Berries n Cream has been known to aid sleeping problems as well as providing an at ease mind for those who may suffer from stress and anxiety. If a sleep aid is what you are looking for, then Berries n Cream is a great option for you.


This strain is definitely very unique and the new extremely potent next-level medical/connoisseur grade cross. This strain was created specifically for the old-school aficionado with the added potency and strength of a new/modern elite genetics strain. Cannabis in the San Francisco Bay Area is not only growing, but is becoming more catered to each customer.

If you are looking for cannabis delivery in or around San Jose, Dublin, San Leandro and the San Francisco Bay Area, shop California Patients Club’s wide variety of products here.  We have the perfect product for any need with a wide range of cartridges, edibles, pre-rolls and more!

At California Patients Club, we are dedicated to making sure each one of our customers feels like family.  We are committed to making your San Jose cannabis delivery experience both professional and reliable.  With experience delivering a large variety of top-of-the-line products right to your doorstep, California Patients Club is dedicated to ensuring their customers feel comfortable, and their medical marijuana and recreational marijuana selection is wide-ranging.