As cannabis has been legalized in California and more importantly the San Francisco Bay Area, it has grown into an everchanging business. Before legalization, many cannabis users would purchase what was available to them, but now customers can choose from a wide variety of marijuana products including flower, concentrates, edibles, and more. At California Patients Club, we offer our customers throughout the Bay area cannabis delivery services that provides various cannabis products they’ll enjoy. Whether you are an experienced user or trying cannabis for the first time, here is a quick guide of some of the products that are out there:


Flower is the most common form of Cannabis used and its strains are differentiated by their taste, odor and appearance, among others. The biggest advantage of using this form of cannabis is that is not addictive, since it contains negligible THC, and it doesn’t lead to unwanted side effects like brain fog and memory issues in the long term, as for the cons of this form of Cannabis user mention the fact that it may not produce the euphoria that many Cannabis users seek.

There are numerous flower consumption methods that can be used for both medicinal and recreational consumers, such as smoking or vaping the flower, cooking with it, or adding it to dishes such as bowls or salads as well as including it as an ingredient for baking recipes.

Here are some recommendations of flower to try out:

Sunset Sherbert

Humboldt Poison


Stiiizy Pink Acai

OG Kush 


All of the options that are offered for flower can most likely be found in edibles as well. Edibles are a great option for users that are not big on smoking or inhaling in any way. California Patients Club is a great provider of edibles in the San Francisco Bay Area. Customers have options from gummy candy to baked goods. If you are nervous as an expert or a point of reference from California Patients Club to ensure that you are using edibles in the correct manner. The industry of edibles has evolved. California Patients Club offers many dosages as no one enjoys eating part of a cookie. Make sure to check out all of the options that are offered and their labeled milligrams.

Here are some great options for edibles if you are interested in trying one out:

Kanha’s Hybrid Blue Raspberry (100mg)

Emerald Sky’s Mountain Black Licorice (100mg)

The Original Pot Company’s Snickerdoodles (100mg)

Plus Gummis’ Pride Rainbow Sherbert Gummies (100mg)


Now, we come to the most modern form of cannabis use, which is cartridges or as many people refer to them, pens. This is concentrated cannabis in the form of was that is lit by a battery and is convenient enough to keep in your pocket. They are offered in the three categories just like flower and edibles. These devices are effective as it is not a production to use and leave little to no odor on the user or in the area of use. California Patients Club offers different cartridges and batteries for all kinds of cannabis customers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you are interested in checking out cartridges, here are some recommendations:

Stiiizy’s Gelato

Papas Herb Blue Dream

King Pen’s Cuvee Cookies

Raw Garden’s Pink Cindy

These are just some of the products that California Patients Club has to offer and a quick guide to introduce our customers of some of the different types of cannabis products that exist. If you are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, make sure to check our website to see all of the options they have to offer.

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