Cannabis use is widely becoming a part of daily life in the San Francisco Bay Area. People have been using cannabis for centuries, but as it has recently become legal in California and most recently the San Francisco Bay Area, it is becoming accepted more outside of medicinal use. Stereotypically, cannabis was used in social gatherings or used by people who lack motivation. Now, it has been proven to be much more safe than the stereotypes suggest and more beneficial to people in all scenarios. The struggle now is that even though it is widely accepted and legal, there is still an educational gap amongst San Francisco Bay Area individuals. There are so many options when it comes to cannabis at California Patients Club. They carry different strains, tools, and methods of consumption. The main decision that is always factored in cannabis purchasing in the San Francisco Bay Area is between indica or sativa. Below are some benefits of the indica strain.



The indica strain is what people are most familiar with as far as the effects of cannabis use. Indica contains higher levels of CBD than THC, giving a calmer feeling. The use of an indica strain gives a body high, which allows you to completely relax and feel at ease. Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, your life can get crazy and become fast paced. Indica is a great way to relieve stress through relaxation. This gives the typical high of not wanting to do much after the use of cannabis.

Sleep Aid

Indica is a good strain to use if you are seeking help with sleeping. The bodily high relaxes you in a way that can make you tired and help you get to bed faster. That is why the indica strain is better for nighttime use. Many people struggle with sleep and there are a million ways to treat sleep deprivation, but Indica cannabis use is one of the healthiest remedies to help you sleep. Melatonin is good, but too much of it in your system can become unhealthy and has a history of deactivating other medications. Using indica strains for sleep aid does need to be taken with precaution as it is not guaranteed.


Appetite Simulator

Similar to sleep struggles, some cannabis users struggle with eating and have an unhealthy relationship with food. Using an indica strain, again, puts your body in a relaxed state that results in a spiked appetite. This is how the “munchies” stereotype evolved. It is important to remember that cannabis can be used in small doses. A common misconception with cannabis use is the idea that the person is not in control. That is a rare occurrence with cannabis, especially indica.


Pain Relief

One of the most intriguing benefits of the indica strain is the pain relief that comes with it. As cannabis becomes more accepted, professional athletes are coming out about their cannabis use and how much it helps their bodies in recovery. Everyone has body pains as users get older,

so the indica strain becomes a more helpful tool in aiding that.

Based on the benefits of indica cannabis use, it is clear that it is more of a medical tool than anything. Yes, cannabis can be abused like any other drug, but

cannabis is a much healthier way to relieve pain, eating, and sleeping problems. It is a natural remedy. California Patients Club carries several indica strains in many forms. Some users are not comfortable with smoking, but now there are edibles beyond expectations or disposable pens that ensure you won’t overuse. Both strains have benefits, but indica is great for relaxation and especially beneficial for nighttime use. California Patients Club is a great place to start with your cannabis purchases.

About California Patients Club

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